Spiritual Discussion on Karma and Reincarnation

April 16, 2024

Karma and Reincarnation

ECK Spiritual Discussion

Taylorsville County Library, 4870 S. 2700 West, Taylorsville

Solving the Mystery!
Join us in this spiritual discussion as we explore how an understanding of karma and its counterpart, reincarnation, may help us better understand and handle the challenges of today.
Consider what it might mean to be the sum of all your thoughts, feelings, and actions from every lifetime in the past.
Having a chance to recognize and accept the value of our karmic lessons allows us to gain a greater level of spiritual freedom from blame or feelings of injustice. They also allow us to be grateful for the talents and skills we have to offer in this lifetime.

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Taylorsville County Library
4870 S 2700 West
Taylorsville, Utah 84129

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