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ECK Initiations link Soul directly to the ECK, Divine Spirit, for spiritual liberation in this lifetime. Each initiation is a sacred and joyous occasion for a spiritual seeker, for it brings an ever-increasing knowledge of and love for God. And it gives new insights into why certain things in your life play out as they do.

ECK Spiritual Aide sessions, though not counseling, can help you find your own answers in challenging situations through the personal
guidance of Divine Spirit. The ESA session is conducted by an ECK Spiritual Aide, (ESA) who is an ECK cleric specially appointed and trained to offer this assistance.

There are no fees for the above services, but donations to Eckankar are accepted. Because of the sacred nature of these events, an Initiator or ESA will call you instead of sending an email. A personal call ensures your privacy.

If you would like to speak with an Initiator or an ECK Spiritual Aide, just select the person you would like to contact in the following form.

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Utah Initiators and ESA's

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