Welcome ECK Initiates

“The window of heaven is what all truth seekers are trying to open.”

—Harold Klemp,  The Language of Soul

These pages are for those who have enrolled in Eckankar’s Spiritual Living Courses.
All are welcome to explore the benefits of the ECK courses and initiation here.

Connecting and Sharing

Enjoy the unique and uplifting benefits of attending Eckankar Initiate activities. Being in the company of other students is a powerful way to accelerate spiritual growth and understanding.

Check the Initiate Calendar for information about upcoming in-person and online events

Initiate Events Calendar

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State Leader Contacts

You can contact the Utah leadership team at any time. Perhaps you have a question or would like to offer some feedback about your ECK experience. We are always happy to hear from you!

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Initiators And ESAs

ECKists work toward higher states of awareness through the Eckankar initiations. You can contact an ECK Initiator or request a confidential ECK Spiritual Aide session by filling out a simple form.

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Giving To ECK Is Easy

Your generous donations work to provide the financial resources to support the Mahanta’s mission here in Utah. These gifts help us to serve all seekers and Initiates within the state.

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Project Ideas

have a great idea to help serve Eckankar in Utah?

Your input is welcome. Share the details of your project concept with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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there are many areas of service available.

A variety of help is needed. Check our our volunteer form to see what interests you.  We would appreciate your time & talents

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