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HU is the sound of all sounds. It is the wind in the leaves, falling rain, thunder of jets, singing of birds, the awful rumble of a tornado. Again, its sound is heard in laughter, weeping, the din of city traffic, ocean waves, and the quiet rippling of a mountain stream.

We are following the current Salt Lake County and Utah Department of Health guidelines for all in-person activities. Since contacting COVID-19 may still be possible, please take the health steps you consider best for your safety. It’s appreciated that by attending, you are taking responsibility for your own health. 


Harold Klemp

The Spiritual Leader of Eckankar


“The reason for spiritual enlightenment is not to escape life, but to learn how to live it richly, to enjoy it.”

—Harold Klemp, The Language of Soul

Eckankar always has a living Master, who is given respect, but not worship. There are also other ECK spiritual masters. Have you been visited by one of these Spiritual Travelers? Learn more about ECK Masters.


Every living creature
In this world is soul


Life will always have its ups and downs,
but there are ways to make things run more smoothly.

Experiencing the Light and Sound of God gives you the momentum to start working off all the karma that has held you back from spiritual freedom and true happiness.

The point is to master our own spiritual destiny – so we can find love, happiness, and balance in life. This is a goal we can all reach in this lifetime.




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Learn About The Sound Of HU

You are invited to try this simple spiritual exercise. It has helped people of many different faiths open their hearts more fully to the uplifting presence of God.

To do the exercise, first get comfortable. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Next, gently put your attention on your inner visual screen, where daydreams and images come to you.

With your eyes closed, sing HU (pronounced like the word hue) as a song of love. You may notice a feeling of peace, warmth, and comfort. You may also recognize the presence of the Divine through greater spiritual insights into your daily life. There are many ways to experience the love of God.

When you sing HU and sit in quiet contemplation, you might also perceive the inner Light and Sound. The Light may appear as brightness or colors on your inner visual screen. The Sound may be musical or the sounds of nature, such as the wind or the ocean. However you experience the presence of God, it is bringing you a broader understanding of the life you lead.

Join Us For Any Of The Events Below

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A golden colored river with birds flying overhead

ECK Light and Sound Service

The ECK Light and Sound Service is a community event offered by Eckankar for spiritual seekers of all faiths and religious backgrounds. Experience spiritual growth and fellowship as you explore what could be your next spiritual step.

Find A Light & Sound Service

A foggy day in a park highlights a tree with white blossoms and an inviting path along side of it.


Spiritual discussions are a way for people to come and share their experiences or just listen to others. You’ll be able to learn useful and inspiring spiritual tools that will help you understand and enhance your spiritual experiences.

Find Spiritual Discussions

Sing HU For Upliftment!

HU is an ancient name for God that has been sung for thousands of years in many lands for spiritual unfoldment. Millions of people around the world have discovered the benefits of HU. Join us for a HU Sound of Soul Event.

Find a Sound of Soul Event

A closeup of pages fluttering in an open book

ECK Book

Each book discussion focuses on one of the books published by ECKANKAR. Studying the ECK works with like-minded individuals in a supportive book group provides an opportunity for spiritual discussion and personal exploration.

Find A Book Discussion

More Ways To Explore ECK

Join Us On Meetup®

This Meetup® group is open to anyone, of any faith, philosophy, or belief. Come and share your experiences and questions with like-minded people in a vibrant spiritual discussion. Just drop in, there is never a charge.

Eckankar Meetup® Group In Utah

Enjoy ECK Videos

When you’re ready for something more durable than philosophy, metaphysics, or orthodox religion, you’re ready for the knowledge that grants love, wisdom, and spiritual freedom. Thought provoking and enlightening topics.

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You’ll find people of like mind and experience in Eckankar
who share your desire for truth




The following are some main areas of study in Eckankar

Learn More About Advanced Spiritual Living Courses

Two very old building structures with artistic columns. In the smaller building, a spiritual guide stands waiting.

Discover Your True Identity

The world is a school in which we live many lifetimes to grow as spiritual beings. Every experience, joyful or painful, contains a personal lesson. You may know this as karma, or cause and effect. We repeatedly face a challenge until it is overcome.

These lessons are not random. The point is for each of us to master our own spiritual destiny and get to where we can find love, happiness, and balance in life under any circumstance. This is a goal we can all reach in this lifetime.


A etty projecting from the shore out into blue water with gray clouds in the distance. Past Lives

Discover your past lives

Past lives and lessons of long ago can be recaptured. You can use past life experiences to understand and help solve present day problems. Our character is made up of virtues and shortcomings, and all are a development from past lives.


Your nightly dreams are real

Unlock the hidden meaning of your dream experiences – learn techniques to uncover important messages in your dreams. Above all, dreams can and will steer us more directly toward exploring our true nature as Soul.

 A man and a woman Soul Traveling - standing next to a marble column. Their bodies are transparent. A bright white light shines in the sky and a river flows in the distance.Soul Travel

Consciously move beyond your physical body

This amazing skill can help you understand your purpose in this world and provide personal proof of your eternal nature. These out of body experiences can transcend astral or mind travel, and lead to an expansion of consciousness, elevating one into profound spiritual areas.